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I would like technical help :

I am unable to access my account

Case No. 1: You get an error message saying "Identifier or password incorrect":

You get this message because you have not entered the right identifier or the right password. Use the automatic password reminder located just underneath the password entry box on the identification page. Enter your e-mail address and our system will immediately send you your identifier and password for you to access your e-mail box. >> Click here for direct access to the identification page.

If you get the message "This e-mail does not exist" when using the automatic password reminder, it may be because of one or several of the following reasons:

  • You have not entered your e-mail address correctly
  • You are not yet registered on MachineryZone with this e-mail address.
  • You are registered on Agriaffaires, our farm equipment website, but not on MachineryZone.

Are you still unable to access your account? Contact us for help at + 33 160 87 11 60.

Case No. 2: You have not received an error message, but each time you return to the identification page:

Internet Explorer blocks your identification. To prevent this from happening, follow the procedure below:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click on Tools in the menu bar, and then on Internet Options
  • Click on the Privacy tab
  • Position the cursor on Medium and then click OK.
  • Try to login again.

Are you still unable to access your account? Contact us for help at + 33 160 87 11 60.

I am unable to insert a photo in my advertisement

It may be that your photos are too bulky to download. To deal with this problem you have to resize your photos and save them in JPEG format. To do this, you will find thephoto optimisation guide available here helpful.

If you have a Free ADSL connection (French local provider), you will not be able to insert a photo in your advertisement as this access provider encounters numerous problems when sending files to certain servers. When entering your advertisement, download your photos using the "Perform this step" button.

I have problems displaying items

Are you having problems displaying items: Contact us by e-mail specifying your operating system (Windows XP, Mac OS,…), your navigator (Internet Explorer, Firefox,…) and the page that you are having problems on.

Click here to access the contact form

How to use search engines?

Search engines are specific to each category, you can thus display ads relevant to the specific equipment you are looking for with a few clicks only. You can search by brand, model, and add technical characteristics (power, width, speed ...). Geographical criteria allow you to search equipment in a well defined perimeter. To show the geographic criteria, click on 'More search'

Other technical problem

If you have any other technical problems, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail using the contact form or by telephone at +33 160 87 11 60.