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Articulated dump truck

A few words about Articulated Dump Truck

An articulated dump truck is heavy machinery used for transporting equipment with an important capacity; it can move a large quantity of materials. It is composed by a chassis, a cabin and 6 wheels.


The concept of the articulated Dumper was born in 1966 with the launch by BM Volvo of Dr. 631, the "Gravel Charlie", tractor farm which the front axle was removed and connected to a trailer by an articulated hitch. It was quickly followed in 1967 by the famous DR860, first articulated Dumper with two axles supporting the chassis of engine.

Articulated dump truck

Articulated dump truck

Articulated Dump Truck ; As of today, main brands and manufacturers

JCB Articulated dump truck

Articulated dump truck is used in large sites for construction jobs. There are many manufacturers such as JCB and more that can provide for you a powerful range of machines with the reliability and efficiency.
JCB articulated dump truck is a good range to get the job done quickly, safely and cost effectively.
Manufacturer designed a variety of models such as the D-series , this model is powerful and efficient . This innovative design has the best drive train technology.

Caterpillar Articulated dump truck

First manufacturer of heavy machinery and construction equipment in the world, Caterpillar provides a powerful range of articulated dump truck.
The use of Caterpillar articulated dump truck is simple and easy. It’s easy to find a powerful articulated dump truck from Caterpillar range.
You can choose your articulated dump truck from a very wide portfolio of products manufactured by Caterpillar.