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Asphalt Paver

Buying an Asphalt Paver – What to Look For

Asphalt pavers, road pavers or simply pavers belong to that class of heavy machinery or equipment used primarily to lay hot mix asphalt on a level or graded surface in the construction of roads. Asphalt pavers are part of a modern engineering solution to build roads involving graders, gravel spreaders and asphalt planers. They have become an indispensable part of road works today.

Several designs of asphalt pavers exist in the market today. Buying one may be confusing for some but a good paver must always have high efficiency and performance. Laying down asphalt is a critical process where a small delay or glitch can cause the failure of the entire project.

A good paver must have reliable augers that mix and heat the asphalt at optimum temperatures. Good augers are useless without a reliable heating and cooling system. A good paver must also be designed in such a way as to provide a high level of visibility for the operators to obtain accurate results.

Asphalt Paver

Asphalt Paver

Construction companies also look for high maneuverability in asphalt pavers. A paver that has solid handling and has a good turning circle or turning radius not only performs better but saves time and money as well. Additionally, good pavers have easily accessible engine bays. If a paver is easily serviceable and can be repaired on site, it follows that there will be fewer delays, thus lowering costs.

Good brands to look for include Wirtgen and Vögele, both US-based manufacturers with products that boast of years of absolute reliability and performance. On the other hand, Centrapids is a brand based in Canada that offers good value for money and a sure return of investment in terms of the number of hours it can do in between servicing. Elia Peroni is a brand from Italy that specializes in pavers designed to work through narrower surfaces such as sidewalks, parks and bike paths.