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Cold Planer

Cold planers

The construction industry requires many different heavy equipment and asphalt planers are machines frequently used in this industry. Mainly used in the construction of roads and paths, cold planers are made of a rotating cutter drum with spikes on it. They are also known as cold planers and their main usage lies in the making of roads, where this equipment is used to chop the existing ground up before the fresh road could be laid. As such, it forms an important part of the construction equipment industry.

Asphalt planers work by cutting into the pavement and pulling out chunks, so that bituminous pavement or asphalt concrete can be removed. This is their main function. This is achieved by the spikes on the rotating drum, which is attached to a vehicle, and as the vehicle moves, the spikes cut into the ground and slowly pull apart the entire road. There is also provision for water spraying during the work, which helps in settling the dust as well as cooling the asphalt planer while at work. These asphalt planers come in many shapes and sizes, some are very wide, and others are much narrower for working on different types of roads. There is also an option of choosing one with two, three or four tracks.

Cold Planer

cold planer

Cold planers are manufactured by the heavy equipment industry and some of the major manufacturers are Roadtec, Racoon, Zoomlion, Dynapec, Bomag, Volvo, Caterpillar, Wirtgen, Sinoway, JCB and Sakai. From Africa to America, Asia to Australia, and throughout Europe, asphalt planers are used. Wherever there are roads, or the necessity of roads and pavements, asphalt planers have a presence there.