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Articulated BackhoesArticulated Backhoes are used for excavating and are used for general purposes. Backhoes are still used in many places for digging. A backhoe is constructed with two arms with a bucket at one end. The general method of use is to attach this bucket to the back or front of a tractor. The term "backhoe" still applies to buckets attached to the front end of tractors.The main specifications of a backhoe to be considered would include pilot-operated joystick controls, extendible stick and special attention paid to brakes, steering, cabin, axles, electrical systems, etc. Besides these, there is the boom, which is the name of the arm nearest to the tractor, and the dipper, which is the part of the vehicle carrying the backhoe. The arm is attached to the tractor and is allowed to be swung to each side to a certain extent.



Many heavy-equipment companies manufacturing for the construction industry produce backhoes. These days hydraulic backhoes are used most often, as they provide more power than the old-fashioned ones. Some of the major companies that are well-known for their backhoes are Michelin, Ausa, Racoon, Sandvik, Huddig, Caterpillar, Hydrema, Komatsu, Bell, JCB, Sinoway and many others.Backhoes are used all over the world in the construction industry. Backhoes are also known as JCBs in the UK because it has become a generalised trademark for the tool in the country. It was first invented in the USA by Vaino J. Holopainen in 1947, and was patented by the Wain-Roy company. Vaino J. Holopainen was even known as Mr. Backhoe! Since then, backhoes have been manufactured by many different companies as an integral part of any construction site, and have been used the world over for excavations or digging on construction sites.