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Mortar Pumps

Mortar Pumps

A mortar pump is a mechanical device. It is used as a means to force molten metal into a refractory mould. It is then able to be solidified. The solidifying stage of the process equates to the casting part. Casting is used for the purposes of creating complex shapes. Casting is the most efficient method for this task although mistakes can happen. It is imperative to avoid problems such as shrinkage defects and metallurgical defects.

There are different types of mortar pumps. For example there are air pressure mortar pumps, centrifugal mortar pumps, vacuum mortar pumps, die cating machine and those for making concrete blocks, and others for dental equipment and even for making chocolate. Metal casting is the most common form of casting. Other common types include plaster and the fore-mentioned casting machine for ‘concrete’.

Mortar Pumps

Mortar Pumps

There are numerous basic and impressive products that are derived from the casting process. One or two are referred to above. (e.g. dental supplies). Basic products include kitchen pots and pans and barbeque grills. Impressive outcomes include missiles. The largest European titanium casting manufacturer called ‘TITAL’, (located in Germany) impressively include Rolls Royce, BAE, Airbus and the motor sport industry as some of their major customers.

Casting machines are big in the United States of America, Europe and China.