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Tandem Compactors Hamm HD-12
Sheepsfoot Rollers Caterpillar CP-323C - 22 500 USD
Vibratory plates / Walk-behind rollers Wacker RT82 - 9 500 USD
Combination Compactors Hamm HD10K
Single Drum Compactors Hamm 4011D - 28 228 USD
Tandem Compactors Bomag BW-80-ADS - 5 774 USD
Pneumatic Compactors Kotai KP265 - 60 500 USD
Single Drum Compactors Kotai KS205S - 56 000 USD
Single Drum Compactors Rosco VIBRASTAT-III - 4 700 USD
Tandem Compactors Bitelli PAPERINO
Tandem Compactors Caterpillar CB214E - 23 100 USD
Tandem Compactors Caterpillar CB214E - 22 000 USD
Tandem Compactors Caterpillar CB225E - 16 680 USD
Single Drum Compactors Bomag BW-177-DH-4 - 38 365 USD
Pneumatic Compactors Hamm GRW-20

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Compactor vehicles and manufacturers

Modern construction is a heavy work: tons of material that has to be brought to the building site, many men working all together, vehicles and trucks. This means a huge load of wastes. Pipes, wires, packaging, and so on hinder the construction site resulting in an important volume of wastes piling up day by day. Compactors are meant to solve this problem: they greatly reduce the volume of the garbage by pressing them together.

Compactors are big heavy vehicles (Net Power 71 hp to 106 hp, Tipping Load 2950 lb to 4550 lb) which collect the wastes and press it together with a built-in hydraulic press: such a device may be more or less effective (the capacity of storing and compacting with effectiveness is called payoff. A better machine has a higher payoff so that it needs to empty less frequently).

There are many manufacturing brands, big older ones and others younger but as competitive and cheaper, that share the market of the compactors vehicles. The main brands are Caterpillar, Kubota, John Deere, CNH (Case/New Holland), Mahindra, FAUN and IVECO.


Caterpillar is one of the most famous manufacturers in the world. It was born in 1883 and today its market is widespread.
Kubota is a Japanese enterprise established in 1890, now world spread especially in the US. Their main strength is that they master their own vehicles in both engineering and manufacturing, so that their cost is lower, reliability and implementation are higher.
John Deere is another well-known brand both in US, Canada and Australia. Established in 1837 is nowadays almost a household name.
Case New Holland has a hugely spread market in Europe and US. Owned by Fiat, the Case New Holland brand and logo born in 1999 after merging of Case IH and New Holland.
Mahindra is a big Indian brand set up in the 60's as a Case IH branch, now independent and leader in the Asian country.