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Concrete equipment

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Formwork coffrage encofrado cofragem
Mixer Trucks Sime SRY-1300-D12
Mixer Trucks Cifa CIFA-SRY-1300-D12
Self-Loading Concrete Mixers Hydromix 35G - 73 110 USD
Self-Loading Concrete Mixers Hydromix 5500 - 123 056 USD
Concrete Pumps Turbosol MINI-AVANT-pompa
Concrete Pumps Mercedes-Benz MERCEDES-BENZ-35-44
Concrete Pumps Schwing 42M - 130 000 USD
70ton Cement Silo
Mixer Trucks Baryval 2007-2
Mixer Trucks Baryval 2007
Concrete Pumps Putzmeister BSA-1407-D - 60 885 USD
Mortar Pumps Graco 1 - 80 USD
Mortar Pumps Graco 500 - 529 USD
Concrete Equipment

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Concrete equipment

Concrete Equipment

In the field of construction, many different types of machinery are used for various purposes. We offer a large variety of second hand concrete equipment, all in good working condition. Our concrete equipment is located across the globe, and ranges in price depending on make, model, and year of production. Years of production span from the 70s until the present year.

Our quality stock includes concrete equipment essentials such as: truck mixers; concrete lorries; concrete pumping devices and vehicles; screed pumps; casting machines; concrete mixers; production units for cement products; falsework and formwork; concrete forms; and various other types of concrete equipment. We also sell concrete plants. Depending on the types of jobs you have in mind, you may need a variety of concrete equipment, or an entire plant. We have everything you may need in our extensive selection.
Concrete equipment
Concrete equipment

Examples of our concrete equipment include: a 2009 Renault truck mixer, located in France, and a 2006 Iveco truck mixer, located in Italy; a 1997 Carmix concrete lorry, located in Spain, and a 2007 Merlo concrete lorry, located in France; a 2009 Putzmeister concrete pump, located in Canada, and a 2003 Schwing concrete pump located in the US; a 2004 Putzmeister screed pump, located in Ireland, and a 2006 Bobcat pump located in Germany; a 2007 Imer concrete casting device, located in Italy, and a 1992 Meyco casting device, located in Austria. These and many more makes and models of concrete equipment are available in our vast selection, and can be viewed on our website.