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Crawler excavator

Features And Uses Of Crawler Excavator

A crawler excavator is heavy equipment used in construction and mining industries. Basically used for digging deep, the machine is made from heavy material such as hardened steel or iron. Equipped with high power engine, the excavator has horsepower strength of 130 to 170 HP. The machine weighs about 40 000 pounds to 60 000 pounds depending upon the make and model. With an operating efficiency of 2000 rpm, those machines are capable of digging 15 to 20 feet deep.

Most of the models feature automatic power boost mode which increases digging force by up to 10 percent for 10 second intervals which gives the operator additional operating strength for extra break out power. With the use of “no time limit heavy lift system”, the machine operator can increase pressure for building force and minimizing hydraulic flow to the attachment. Similarly,  the operator can reduce speed for better control for lifting activities.

Crawler and track excavator

Crawler excavator

Hyundai,  VolvoKobelco, Caterpillar, Case and Rachel are some of the premier and reputed manufacturers of this useful equipment. Most of these manufacturers have their units in US and Japan. Due to the strength and working efficiency of this machine,  more and more mining and construction companies choose to buy a crawler excavator for their digging and mining operations.