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Crawler Dozers Caterpillar D7H - 39 000 USD
Crawler Dozers Caterpillar D7H - 38 000 USD
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Crawler Dozers Caterpillar D8
Crawler Dozers Caterpillar D6NLGP - 184 500 USD
Crawler Dozers Caterpillar D8R
Crawler Dozers Caterpillar D4H-II - 29 500 USD
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Crawler Dozers Caterpillar D6TXWVP - 158 564 USD
Crawler Dozers Caterpillar D3K-LGP
Crawler Dozers Caterpillar D6C

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The first bulldozers were made from a farm tractor. The first one is manufactured in the USA in 1883 by James Porteous.

Dozers were first used to dig canals, raise earth dams, and make grading. The tractors were equipped with a large thick metal piece. This one was called a "blade". The blade "peels" layers of soil and pushes forward while the tractor moves. Specialized blades have been developed: for high volume and for high densities. The blade is now curved to get ability:
* The rake blade is to remove only larger rocks
* The blade with sharp edges as razors, to cut sections of trees.
* The blade for earthmoving, known as the "pig"

Along the years, when men needed equipment to perform work on a large scale, Manufacturers began to appear as: Blaw Knox Box, Caterpillar, Fiat-Allis, Hanomag, JCB, John Deere, Kaelble Komatsu, Le Tourneau, Liebherr, Oliver, Terex....


The first bulldozer was noisy, powerful. Then they became larger, more powerful and more sophisticated.

These significant enhancements include more powerful engines, drive trains and more reliable running, automated controls, engine blocks, durable and reliable equipment.
A major change was that the cables connected to the bulldozer were soon replaced by hydraulic lines that permit precise manipulation of the blade.

The bulldozer can be equipped of a back claw ripper to remove the rocky grounds or break them in pushing upward.

The bulldozer has become essential for all major civil construction projects, their role is to construct, demolish, destroy, clear mines and buried.

The Bulldozer’s wide tracks allow them to leave the vehicle’s weight on the ground which prevents it from sinking too deep into the ground or to silt up.

The bulldozer had an excellent stability because a system converts engine power into driving force, allowing it to use its own weight to push or drag heavy masses.

The bulldozer's primary tools are the blade and the ripper. It is a piece positioned at the rear.
The arm is equipped of an end-alloy steel tungsten interchangeably.

The blade of the bulldozer has at least three alternative bases:
- The straight edge "S-Blade" which is short and has no lateral curve.

- Blade Universal "U-Blade" which is tall and curved, and has large side wings to carry more material.

- Blade Combination "Su" is the shortest, it has less curvature and smaller side wings.