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Off-Highway Truck

Off-highway trucks

An off-highway truck is a type of off-road vehicle used for transporting and carrying raw materials such as sand, gravel or dirt. What distinguishes them from other dump trucks is a rigid and heavy frame guaranteeing the proper degree of resistance to shocks and unwanted impact, which is critically important on the bumpy tracks leading to the building sites. An open box bed attached at the back can be moved upwards in order to empty its contents at the destined location. Such heavy machinery is an indispensable element of the construction equipment used at huge construction sites, open-pit mining sites,quarries and road-building sites. Among the companies which produce rigid dump trucks it is necessary to mention Caterpillar, Volvo, Komatsu, Euclid and Terex. Caterpillar is a US based manufacturer specializing in heavy machines and engines. The firm produces two major types of rigid dump trucks: off-road trucks with the capacity ranging from 40 to 99.6 tons and mining trucks with the nominal capacity reaching 400 tons.

Off-Highway Truck

Off-Highway Truck

Volvo is an international corporation with headquarters in Sweden and branches all over the world. One of its subsidiaries called Volvo Trucks owns production facilities in fifteen countries including the USA, Sweden, Brazil, Belgium, Russia, Australia, Thailand, Iran and Taiwan. It produces Volvo FMX, which can be used as a rigid dump truck. Komatsu is the second largest producer of construction machines in the world. The headquarters of the company are located in Japan, but its American branch produces models marked with symbols 730E, 830E, 860E, 930E and 960E possessing the payload capacity from 250 to 360 tons. Products of those companies enjoy a great popularity with the customers and are widely recognized.