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Motor Grader

Key facts about Motor Grader

Motor Graders are construction machines that have a characteristic long blade at the bottom. A grader is commonly referred to as road grader, the blade or maintainer. It is mainly used in roads construction to the make the ground flat.

Most popular maintainer brands have three axles. The engine and cab are located behind vehicle, above the rear axles. The third axle is at the front and the blade is usually right behind it. Most motor grader models have a second blade in front of the front axles.

Uses of Motor Graders
Their basic function is to flatten the ground. Civil engineers use to it to finish after the rough work has been done by the scrapers and bulldozers. The name “maintainer” refers to the fact that a grader is used to maintain dirt and gravel roads. In the construction of large buildings, a grader is used to set the foundation.

Motor Grader

Motor Grader

Different manufacturers make different models of the road grader. However, the range of the blade is usually between 2.5-7.3 meters. Engine power can range between 93 and 373 kW. A grader is usually able to support different attachments in place of the blade.

Manufacturers and Brands

Grader is made by different manufacturers in the world. Caterpillar, a US brand, is arguably the most popular brand. Komatsu is a Japanese brand. Most grader brand share a name with the manufacturer. Other manufacturers/brands include: New Holland, Champion, John Deere and Leeboy.