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Heavy Duty Forklifts

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Reach stackers Kalmar RTD3026
Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks Taylor Y30WOM
Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks Caterpillar V180B
Reach stackers Kalmar DRS4531-S5 - 193 363 USD
Reach stackers Kalmar DRS4531-S5 - 190 678 USD
Container Handler Boss FP200
Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks Hyster H360HD
Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks Kalmar LT-20T - 29 542 USD
Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks Kalmar DCE-120---6
Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks Kalmar DCD-160---6
Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks Hyster 12-00-XM
Container Handler Hyster H25-00F - 146 365 USD
Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks Kalmar DCD180-6 - 79 225 USD
Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks Kalmar DCF280-12 - 253 789 USD
Heavy Duty Forklift Trucks Hyster H8-00-XM-6 - 40 284 USD

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Heavy Duty Forklift

Heavy duty forklifts are important to the manufacturing industry. The use of such not only makes it easier to move one product or heavy equipment to another but also makes it possible to increase sales due to the speed of delivery. One of the major concerns when it comes to engaging in business related to manufacturing and cargo is how to move one heavy product to another. Time is crucial especially if a product is badly needed by the client. So in order to maximize time and hasten the transport of one product to the truck delivering the product is through the use of heavy duty fork lift.

Industries using heavy duty forklift
The airline industry is one of the major markets when it comes to heavy forklifts. Heavy forklifts are used to transport passenger’s heavy cargo to the plane. It’s also used to carry heavy plane parts if ever there is a need to fix a plane during maintenance.

In the warehouse industry, heavy forklifts are used to bring heavy equipment or products for storage. It will be hard for staffs to personally carry a heavy product and it will take time to move such heavy burden from one warehouse to another.

Heavy forklifts are also crucial equipment in the shipping, logistics and freight industry. As time is important in this industry, many shipping and logistics company employ the service of such machine to make the delivery faster. From the point of origin to the warehouse to the delivery truck, heavy forklifts are the backbone in this industry.

Heavy Duty Forklift
Heavy Duty Forklift


Heavy forklifts were first made in the early 1920’s in order to carry heavy equipment. Since then, heavy forklifts became an essential part of any warehouse and manufacturing company.


One of the major producers of heavy forklifts is Toyota, with various models designed for every specific logistic need. Other brand that produce these tipe of forklifts are. Kalmar, SMV and Valmet.