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Material Handlers

Material Handlers - where it all started

A material handler is a kind of heavy construction equipment for handling different types of material. It's a crawler excavator or wheeled excavator whose main working organ is a grapple mounted on a long articulated arm.

A grapple is a free-hanging or rigid tool for material handling, used with different types of excavators and cranes. According to the material they're made for there are log grapples, demolition grapples, stone grapples, scrap and waste sorting grapples, clam shell buckets etc. Sometimes industrial excavators work with hydraulic hammers.

Another characteristic parts of an industrial excavator are its operator cabin and outriggers. In order to improve the visibility the cab can be hydraulically lifted to the demanded height. Because of the heavy loads such excavators, especially the wheeled ones, must be supported with four outriggers.
Applications of scrap handlers:
•    goods reloading;
•    scrap and waste handling;
•    demolition works;
•    construction of tunnels and bridges;
•    mining works (rock handling);
•    forestry works (logging and loading of wood);
•    vegetable crops (potatoes, beets etc.) handling.

Material Handlers

Material Handlers

Designing a Material Handler

Apart from the machines described above there exist also floating material handlers. Actually they belong to dredgers. They are either single-grappled excavators or dragline excavators. They're used for dredging – deepening shallow water areas, digging seabed ditches and excavating the sediments. Dredgers are equipped with a clam shell bucket.

Some modern grapples are equipped with scales which weighs the lifted load and gives accurate data even in motion. It's an add-on with a wireless transmitter that sends the data to the operator's monitor in the cab.

Industrial excavators, other diggers and heavy machinery are made by well-known manufacturers like Atlas, Case, Caterpillar, Fuchs, Hitachi, Hydrema, Liebherr and Sennebogen.