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Landfill compactors

Landfill Compactors

We all generate waste much of which is taken away to a landfill site, and some of which is recycled. Although most of us are aware of the methods of recycling, what really happens at landfill? And what kind of construction machinery are used in the processing?.
Landfill sites usually cover large areas of open countryside, so when the site is full it needs to blend in and look attractive with no dangers to humans or animals. This can only be achieved by ensuring all the waste is compacted and spread evenly so the landfill from start to finish is stable, and not liable to subsidence or collapse.

To achieve the required aim a landfill compactor is used, as can be imagined these machines are large powerful vehicles that spreads the waste and then compacts it. The landfill compactor does this by using the spikes on the wheel drums to penetrate the waste, thereby achieving compaction and density; it is a fact that the pressure of a tooth can be over 4000 PSI.

Landfill compactors

Landfill compactors

Obviously every inch of a landfill site needs to be utilized to store the waste, and the only way to achieve this is by using a landfill compactor that should have the widest wheels possible, to accommodate as many teeth as possible as to ensure a good even well compacted surface which will only require a minimum amount of soil to complete the site.

Manufacturers include Caterpillar who produce an amazing 138 types of landfill compactors and export around the world. Another large manufacturer is Bomag producing no less the 38 types of machines.