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Yard Loader

Yard Loaders - main information

Yard loaders (also known as compact track loaders or multi-terrain loaders) are heavy machines with a loader in the front, to pick up or deposit things like sand, gravel, or other material. It is a variation of the skid steer loader. A skid steer loader has wheels, while a compact loader has tracks which it uses to move ahead on the ground. The tracks on the compact loader make it easier for it to navigate across different surfaces, especially soft ones – hence, it is also known by the name multi-terrain loader.

The skid steer loader, which was the predecessor of the compact track loader, initially did not have cabins for the operators. This idea was developed by a construction equipment company into that of a multi-terrain loader with the addition of a cabin, and tracks instead of wheels.

Yard Loader

Yard Loader



Yard loaders are used mostly in construction-related work, where it is used to clear away sand, stones, earth or rubble from a site. It can also be used for several other tasks as well. The loader is navigated by a person who sits inside the cabin, in which the movement controls are located. The operator has access to foot pedals and joysticks, which control the speed and direction at which the loader will move. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic system, where motor and cylinders help the operator navigate as well as load and unload materials.

Popular manufacturers of compact or multi-terrain loaders include Kubota, Case, JCB, & Volvo.