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Piling Rigs

Pile Rigs

Pile rigs are a type of heavy machinery used to drive columns into the ground; these are often used as support for the foundations of a building. The use of these machines can be dated back to the early Roman Era where evidence has been found suggesting they were used when constructing bridges. Since then various engineering developments have led to the invention of various mechanically powered pile drivers however the basic principle remains the same. A heavy weight is lifted along a guide either by manual labour, diesel, steam or hydraulics until it reaches its highest point; here it is released and the weight falls, beating the pile into the ground.

Piling Rigs

Piling Rigs

There are four main types of piling rig used in the modern industry. The diesel hammer is usually the cheapest although can be noisy and cause pollution; it works through a combination of gravity and fuel injection in order to apply additional pressure to the pile as it falls and then drive it back up into the air. There two types of hydraulic pile driver; the hammer which is essentially the same as the diesel version but with less noise and pollution and the hydraulic press-in. The latter of the two employs hydraulic rams to press piles into the ground, avoiding noise caused by vibration or the falling weight. Finally there is the vibratory type which uses a system of counter-rotating weights to drive in or extract piles.

Some of the main brands manufacturing the product include the German based ABI who are known for shoring and subterranean work, Delmag who are currently the world leader in diesel pile hammers and Hammer and Steel who offer an extremely wide selection of drivers.