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Boom Lifts / Aerial Work Platforms

Boom lifts are also known as Mobile elevating platforms. They are used to perform work at height or reach tight spaces.Unlike forklifts, aerial platforms are used for lifting people, not materials. However, there are lifting baskets which are adaptable to forklifts; they are can be used without special permits when the lift height does not exceed 3 meters.

Boom Lifts / Aerial Work Platforms

Boom Lifts / Aerial Work Platforms

Boom lifts can are efficient and useful for various activities: electrical repairs, cleaning, painting, carpentry, maintenance front, siding work. For firefighters, platforms provide access to difficult places to enter the building, evacuate people, when there is an emergency. It was created in the late 60s, early 70s for easier access to high places. It was a more comfortable alternative to the scaffolding. The pods allow quick and easy access to tight spaces.

Boom lifts are defined by three elements:A frame that can be worn on trucks, self-propelled or towedA work platform, must meet the standards and regulations in terms of safety. This part is usually called "pod".An extensible framework that allows the working platform to rise. This structure can be multidirectional or just have a vertical rise.There are different kinds of platforms. Their system of locomotion can be a differentiating criterion. It thus distinguishes self-propelled platforms, which are independent: they move independently but are restricted to limited journeys. The trailer platform which requires a carrier to move: They are useful when traveling frequently, such as public lighting, electricity, or long trips. Finally, the boom truck is a compromise between the aerial platforms and aerial towed.There are about 6 different types of aerial platforms

The different specificities to each platform can help classify them into different categories:

  • Category 1: trailer platforms which are towed
  • Category 2: boom trucks
  • Category 3: self-propelled platforms

He will add two groups of Platforms:

  • Group 1: the platform rises with vertical telescopic arm or scissors
  • Group 2: having an elevation adjustable platform: extending arm, bracket, ... They provide a work offset (distance between the platform and chassis).

Safety for platform operators

The use of a platforms is risky (risk of overturning, falling from the working platform as well as operators, etc.).. It is necessary to hire trained workers to use them, with a driving authorization (certificate of fitness to drive safely corresponding to the type of platform maneuvered).Operators must also have appropriate safety equipment for elevated work: harness, helmet, etc..Staff must be trained to work on a mobile elevated platform; the qualification shall be in the labor code.