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Pneumatic compactor

Pneumatic Compactor

A compactor is a mechanism that reduces the volume size of given material to a smaller volume through application of pressure. A pneumatic compactor is heavy commercial equipment that uses pressurized gas to produce mechanical motion which in turn applies pressure on a given volume. Through compaction, one increases the density of a material by expelling air and water and making the particles contained in the material to move closer thereby making it more stable. The forces of compaction are static pressure, manipulation, impact and vibration.

Designed with safety in mind, pneumatic compactors provide output only when all pre-conditions are met and the operator's palms press on the machine's buttons. The compaction plate automatically retracts if any of the pre-conditions are not met or when buttons are released.

Pneumatic compactor

Pneumatic compactor

Pneumatic compactors, are widely used in construction and mining industry as they are efficient, safe, flexible, easy to use, require low maintenance and highly reliable compared to electric motors and actuators. In the construction and mining industries, the road roller is a pneumatic compactor that is used to compact soil, concrete and foundations. The target compaction density is determined using absolute or relative measures.

Bomag, Kawasaki, Caterpillar, Hamm, Sakai, Dynapac, and Hyster are some of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic compactors. Performance, ease of use and reliability are some of the main consideration the manufacturers are keen to meet. Most pneumatic compactors in the construction industry have rating of 100hp and above.