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Asphalt Equipment

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Asphalt Pavers Blaw-Knox PF-5510 - 30 000 USD
Snow Plows Bruneau 2750 - 4 261 USD
Hedge mower McConnel 530-E - 9 530 USD
Sweepers Cochet 2-5 - 2 971 USD
Hedge mower Kuhn pro-longer-6182-spa - 28 030 USD
Verge mower Eurofarm TKG160 - 4 261 USD
2008 R.J.Noble Co. SILO
Hedge mower McConnel PA6070 - 34 757 USD
Asphalt Pavers Volvo PF6110
Asphalt Pavers Volvo PF4410
Asphalt Pavers Vogele Super-1600-1---7-m-- - 99 787 USD
Carrello segnalazione cantieri stradali mobili
Hedge mower Ferri TM-46-Flash - 8 970 USD

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Asphalt Equipment

Asphalt Equipment And The Manufacturers

It is clear from the name and most of us know what kind of heavy machinery is used for road construction. Although we see different species of machines during construction but we seldom pay attention to their working and surprisingly, we rarely know the names of those machines. Let us name a few machines that are notable during road construction. Here are the names of few notable machines used in road construction.
• Road Marking Machine
• Broomer (Mechanical)
• Asphalt Pavers
• Asphalt Planers
• Sprayer
• Gravel Spreader
• Verge Cutter
• Flail Mower
• Sweeper
• Coating Plant
• Salt Spreader
• Snow Remover
• Road Roller
• Boiler
Asphalt Equipment
Asphalt Equipment

Road Marking Machine: It is used for marking the roads, which clear from the name as well. Marking sidelines, zebra crossing etc. are examples of its functions.
Asphalt Paver: Its function is to spread the asphalt on the road however, pressing the asphalt might or might not be included in its features.
Scraper: As clear from the name again, it is used for scraping or moving earth or debris from the road.
Sweeper: Used for sweeping the road and now they don’t necessarily have to be humans.
Loader: Any type of machine that you see loading some particular type of material in another machine is the loader.
Grader: Primary use is to provide a flat ground to work on before other works are done on the road.
Excavator: Its work is to excavate the ground whenever necessary.
Asphalt Plant: The machine that is used for the preparation of material such as asphalt, macadam etc.
Road Roller: Rolls on the road to flatten it as much as possible so no rough surface is left.
Some of the most famous names in the world for the manufacture of road construction equipment or other type of equipment : Volvo, Atlas Copco, Hitachi, Caterpillar, Demag, JCB, Kubota, Bobcat Company, NICK, Porcelain, ST Kinetics, Zoomlion, Doosan Group, New Holland, Terex, Navistar, CASE, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Ingersoll Rand, Madill.

These are the names of some of the best manufacturers of heavy machinery equipment that sell their products internationally.