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Self-erecting crane

About Crane and Self Erecting Crane

Self-erecting tower crane (self-assembling crane) is a kind of construction machinery which belongs to handling equipment. It's main advantage ist the simplicity of transport and installation what can be done without any other auxiliary machine.A typical self-erecting crane consists of a mast, a luffing or a horizontal jib, a platform, and a counterweight.

The latter, combined with a ballast, is situated at the bottom of the mast. These machines are bottom-slewing cranes with a slewing ring on the platform. They're remote controlled from the ground.Self-erecting cranes are powered with an electric motor. They either have their own generator or are supplied from the electricity grid. It makes them independent and eko-friendly because they're quiet and don't exhaust fuel gas. Both the transport and the installation of a self-erecting crane aren't time consuming (which is not the case for most of the heavy equipment).

The whole crane can be towed on a flat bed trailer or on its own wheels as its measures are in compliance with road transport requirements. The crane travels to the working site folded in 3-4 sections. Then it's hydraulically erected which takes up to half an hour. The necessary calibration and testing require about two hours. Thanks to a telescopic tower the height of the crane can be easily changed.

Self-erecting crane

Self-erecting crane

The use of Self Erecting Crane Self-erectors are mostly used while building low-rise houses on tight boundaried or impassable worksites where the work of other construction machines is impossible.The jib length of a self-erecting crane varies from 25 to 50 m (80-160 ft), the hook height is 17-35 m (55-120 ft).

The maximum lifting capacity ranges from 0.9 to 5 t (2,000 to 11,000 pounds).Self-erecting tower cranes and other construction equipment are manufactured by eg. Alfa, Benazzato, Benedini, Cadillon, Cattaneo, Cibin, Cinomatic, Comansa, Comedil, Edilgru, FB, FM-Gru, Liebherr, Manitowoc, Potain, Saez, San Marco.