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Motor scraper

Motor Scrapers

The 9030 model scrapers describe the high horse powered tractors found in the market today. These tractors are manufactured to handle large scale and heavy duty scraper operations. In the high power category are included powerful models with power rating from 425 to over 520 horsepower capacity. With the latest innovations of such heavy machinery, high production output can be realized faster.

Most of these scrapers come with six cylinder powerful engines, each with its own valve plus exhaust circulation system. In addition, their powertech variable geometrical turbo engines provide cleaner and environmentally friendly combustion. The result is more power and more efficient performance which levels-up to 40 percent torque raise. Such immense power combined with 10% bulge in power delivers extra energy to the ground while maintaining the required emission standards.

Motor Scraper

Motor Scraper

Major brands in the present day marketplace include Case, John Deere, Caterpillar, and Hitachi among others. Standard with these series of equipment include mechanical style of cooling fan which help in fuel economy as well as power reduction. Power-shift transmission type with 18-speed in both forward and reverse modes is also standard in major brands. Major industry manufacturers and dealers are located in Europe and in America with few in Asia. Currently, leading manufacturers include Euchid Road Machinery, John Deer, and Volvo among others.