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Single drum compactor

Single drum compactors

Single drum compactors are medium-sized construction equipment, used for general compaction purposes in many different areas. They can be used for instance to compact waste in landfills, to flatten soil or base material in both property construction and roadworks.

Single drum compactors are but one of many different types of compactors. Other types include hand-held single drum compactors, tandem drum compactors (with two rollers) and combination rollers (combining a tire and drum roller). When self-propelled, single drum compactors are mostly powered by diesel engines, and rollers are between 60 centimeters and 2 meters wide.

Single drum compactors are often used to flatten the base layer, or substrate, in road construction or renovation. They can also be used to reduce the space taken up by litter in landfills or to flatten a surface in a field to provide space for large-scale agriculture.

Single drum compactor

Single drum compactor

Many manufacturers construct single drum compactors. Companies such as Ingersoll Rand and Dynapac are two of the main compactor manufacturers based in the United States. A number of other construction equipment manufacturers based in Europe sell compactors, such as JCB in the United Kingdom, Hamm AG and Bomag in Germany.

On the equipment market, manufacturers such as Hamm and Dynapac can be found both in North America and Europe, whereas other manufacturers such as Ingersall Rand and JCB focus mainly on their own regional market (North America and Europe respectively). With some of the oldest equipment on sale dating back to the 1990s, single drum compactors can be purchased in North America and in Europe. Second-hand single drum compactors are widely available and can be bought throughout North America and in many European countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany or France.