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Crawler carrier

Crawler Carriers

The crawler carrier is more maneuverable in situations for which a full truck dumper would prove more wieldy. In sizes, it can be between a fork lift with payload dumper bucket handling 400 kg to a drive track mounted dumper bucket handling 800 kg with a bucket lifter and a blade. With a shorter turn radius than a truck mounted dumper bucket, productivity can be increased with more loads per hour offsetting the acquisition of special equipment.

In multiple sizes a tracked dumper can be used from the garden nursery setting in the stand on the frame behind the dumper style for a small work space. A fixed dumper bucket on a track driver with driver seat, which can be covered or contained, mounted aft of the bucket.
Then in the 800 kg payload range mounted on a driver track available are lift dumper bucket for transfer to larger, higher equipment. 800 kg payload sizes with a tilt to side bucket for difficult terrains in crawler, and mini crawler with or without a blade make tighter relay from pick up to drop zone.

Crawler carrier

Crawler carrier

Deliver payloads in small quantities with smaller tracked dumper to midsized multi-directional, multi-height delivery, to large capacity closed driver cab on cat track dumper bucket. Pricing can offset the differential of using interim vehicles to the transfer loader.

Optimum performance specialty equipment, as a tracked dumper, is available from manufacturers in the USA, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Alltrack, Kubota, and Yanmar. Suppliers in other countries China, Germany, India, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Japan ,Hong Kong.

Available on every continent, produced by established names in big equipment industry, the tracked dumper can utilize smaller space, be a fixed zone loader for transfer vehicles to the main work site. Design concepts and price ranges command greater utility for short haul in varied terrain.