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Pull Scraper

Pull Scraper

A pull scraper is a heavy machine used in the construction industry for transporting soil and also for leveling land. The machine uses precision cutting and filling methods to accomplish its task. The Scraper is available in various makes and models, but all the varieties are manufactured with unique features that define their roles.

A pull scraper, irrespective of variety, has a vertically movable bowl fitted with a sharp level edge. The bowl, also called hopper, can either be raised or lowered using hydraulics. The ability of the scraper to raise and lower its hopper permits the front rim of the machine to slice into soil and fill the hopper with the soil. When the hopper is filled to the required capacity, the machine operator closes the machine’s vertical blade to protect the soil from escaping during transit. When it is time to unload the materials, usually at the work cite, the operator switches on the ejector blade, situated at the machine’s back pane, so as to be hydraulically raised. And eventually the earth in the bowl is unloaded.

Pull Scrapers

Pull Scraper

All makes and models of trailed scraper are available across the globe at varying costs. The prices, which however change depending on demand rate, are at all times affordable. In the United States, for example, varieties of the machine are available. Different models of John Deere make, such as model 1812C, and models of Caterpillar make, such as model 621G, are among the new brands available in the US market.

Marcus UK also deals in pull scrapers: both new and used. The Caterpillar 140-HVHP and the caterpillar 623E are a few model samples of the machine stored by Marcus. And finally, to end with are some major manufactures of pull scrapers; they are Komatsu, Volvo, New Holland, Case, Fiatalis, Dresser, and Huber & Galion.