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Trenching, Drilling, Pile driving

Buying A Pile Driving, Drilling Or Trenching Machine

A machine that can be used for pile driving, trenching or drilling is a heavy duty one because such machines are often used for large scale operations. A pile driver can be defined as a mechanical machine that can be used for the purpose of driving piles into the soil or land. Purchasing a pile driver can be very beneficial for those in the construction industry because the piles can be used for the purpose of providing foundation support for buildings and other kinds of structures. Trenching on the other hand can be defined as a process in which trenches are created. Trenches are a kind of man-made depression in the ground which is wider than a ditch or gully. Drilling is the process of cutting into the soil using a rotating blade in order to create a hole in the ground.

Trenching, Drilling, Pile driving

Trenching, Drilling, Pile driving

Although these three functions may seem more or less similar to one another but one cannot easily find a machine that can perform all three functions simultaneously. Hence one will have to buy individual machines in order to purchase such machines. This kind of machines is generally costly because they are meant for industrial use. If your budget or your company’s budget does not permit you to purchase a brand new one then opting for a used or second hand machine would be a great option too.

There are many companies that offer second hand or used pile drivers, trenching machine or drillers. Some of the popular companies manufacturing these are Vermeer, American Auger, Tamrock, Ditch Witch, Lovat, etc. These are available in plenty in the USA but this doesn’t mean that people from other parts of the world cannot purchase it. You will be able to find providers of such machinery in your area as well if you search thoroughly.