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A truck is a vehicle used to transport goods. There are different models depending on the type of goods transported. The trucks must comply with very precise regulations. It has a maximum permitted laden weight over 3.5 tons and therefore differs from the Commercial Vehicle with a maximum permitted laden weight less than 3.5 tons). Besides weight, the main features that distinguish them are the large axle and the big dimensions, so that a specialized license is necessary for the driver because the specific regulations of traffic are different. Truck’s specific equipment are the auxiliary crane, the tail lift, the double cab and the PTO.

The different bodyworks can be:


• A tank transports liquids, gases or powders, for the chemical industry, food, etc... There are a large number of types of tanks according to the uses of the products: water tanks, gas, oil and hydrocarbons, propane tank, slurry tank, concrete ...


• A tipper transports goods such as sand, rock, powder, land ... There can be several configurations possible: 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, 6x4 ... It is used for all public works and highways. There are standard tipper (back), 2-sided tipper and 3-sided tipper (back, right side and left side) with or without auxiliary crane. It is attached to the chassis rear overhang or behind the cab.


• The refrigerated one is equipped with an insulated body and a generator to produce cold. So it is to transport perishable goods, over long distances, chemicals, or other materials sensitive to changes in temperature or requiring constant temperatures. The temperatures of these trucks can be kept from – 25 degrees to + 25 degrees.


• The ampliroll’s system is a system of industrial bodywork removable. It is a system of articulated arm that allows the truck to fit different bodies depending on the needs, for all volumes of 3 to 50 m³ (reinforced and standard), types’ contractors or carriers.




• The flat-bed is for large products and / or lengths. The sides’ panels fitted around the truck can maintain loads better.


• The van is fitted up a box and is used to transport goods or materials. Its volume and its dimensions vary. A van truck can be equipped in different ways depending on its use. The vans can be refrigerated for meat or adjustable shelves / folding, sliding wardrobes, double doors + rear doors side door, to transport frozen ...

Container truck, plant carrier / low loader, Car transporter:

• It is suitable for wide loads whose dimensions and weights are almost unlimited.

Log body:

• The log body is used to transport logs. It is usually equipped with timber cranes/loaders helping to move logs.

The auxiliary crane:

• The crane is clipped on the flat-bed. It can lifted vertically and horizontally or unload large equipment. Specificities are built compact, easy handling, safety, reliability, efficiency and long length of life.

Cattle truck:

• The cattle truck is used to transport all types of livestock. They are usually equipped with non-slip flooring, movable partitions, a watering system and a ventilation system.