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Vibratory plates & Walk-behind rollers

Vibration platex & Walk-behind Rollers

Vibration plates and walk-behind rollers is construction equipment that is used to reduce friction between particles of the earth to hold together firmly. To fulfill this role, the equipment works together with other special rollers: either padded or smooth rollers. This equipment is specifically manufactured to accomplish medium sized roles such as road repairs, pathways upgrading and parking slots construction. In addition, it is used only in granular soil work- cites.

The walk behind roller comes in different specifications. Some of its models have single rollers, while others have double. However, the machine has basic features that enable it to perform its role of reducing friction between earth‘s particles so as to hold together the soil, and asphalt as it vibrates. Apart from its roller(s), the equipment is fitted with a large water tank, a push - stop and special handle, called dead-man’s handle. Also, the machine has a forward vibratory plate compactor that works on all sorts of granular sand.

Vibratory plates_Walk-behind rollers

Vibration plate

All models and makes of the machine are easy to work with. Changing their direction is also easy, mainly because of their manageable speed. In addition, they have efficient hydraulic drive systems and efficient engine capacities that however differ from model to model, are sufficient to perform compaction task.

There are numerous companies that deal in the construction tools. In the United Kingdom, Benford make of model BR71. And in France, model 650 of Bell is also available. Dynapac is the Belgium brand. Some of the well-known manufacturers include Case, Kubota, Terex, Grove, JLG and the Spanish based ENAR-Enarco.