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Wheel Dozer

Wheel Dozer

Simply put, the wheel dozer is a bulldozer that is mounted on wheels. The term “wheel bulldozer” refers to a tractor that is equipped with dozer blades. On large construction sites, wheel dozers (which are also known as wheel bulldozers) are used for clearing the land, leveling it and for general cleaning. Different types of wheel dozers are equipped with blades of different shapes, sizes and sharpness, depending on the task they need to do, or the terrain of the site they need to clear. In some cases, the front blades of a wheel dozer can be replaced with a bucket. Many wheel dozers have the option of interchangeable dozer blades for greater versatility on the construction site.

Wheel Dozer

Wheel bulldozer

A wheel dozer is constructed with a tracked chassis, a cabin for the operator, dozer blades on its front, and claws on its back. A wheel dozer differs from a crawler tractor in the sense that a crawler tractor moves on tracks; the wheel dozer on the other hand, moves on wheels. Wheel dozers have rubber tires; they are capable of moving on their own, or of being controlled. The hydraulic system operates the blades.

Wheel dozers are commonly used in construction sites for clearing, and particularly in landscaping, for leveling of surfaces. Wheel dozers are even used in the military, though only after security upgrades like armor plating for better protection. Prominent wheel dozer manufacturers across the world are Bobcat, Caterpillar, Daewoo, Mustang, Tata Hitachi, Kawasaki, Komatsu, Gehl and Volvo.