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Wheel loader

Essential Facts About Wheel Loaders

A wheel loader is an industrial equipment which is used for loading, excavation and carrying bulky materials. The high performance machine is fitted with a scoop at the front. This scoop helps in carrying a wide array of materials, ranging from rocks, large quantities of wood, agricultural materials, boulders and gravel. A wheel loader can be used in a construction site, industrial site, farming projects or an excavation site.

There are different types of wheel loaders, with varying applications and uses. The front loader is light in weight and has a small capacity. It can be used to raise heavy amounts of cargo. Standard buckets comprise of replaceable solid, or segment cutting edges. They can be used to excavate gravel, clay and sand soils. The modern wheel loader comprises of forklifts with jaws. The machines can be adjusted to perform a wide range of tasks in different sites.

Wheel loader

Wheel loader

General Facts

There are several brands, which are renounced for manufacturing high quality wheel loaders. The most prolific include Komatsu, which produces high performance machines with planetary car, and differential axles. Volvo produces hinged frame and diesel engine loaders with automatic transmissions. JCB produces standard wheel loaders, which are available in small and medium size. Caterpillar produces wheel loaders, with a transmission box. Fiat-Hitachi produces a wide range of products, which are used to move large masses of materials.

The wheel loader has a large number of applications in different industries and projects. Manufacturers produce these machines for a mass market across different parts of the world. The main regional markets are Europe, America and Asia. The cost of the wheel loader depends on the manufacturer, size and features present.