Potain IGO T85A

Potain IGO T85A
Potain IGO T85A
  • Potain IGO T85A
  • Potain IGO T85A

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Type of ad : For sale / Offers
Reference : 150007793152
Make : Potain
Model : IGO T85A
Status : new
Comments :

- 45 m (148 ft) maximum operating hook radius
- 51 m (167 ft) maximum hook height with 45 m (148 ft) jib set at 30°
- 38 m (125 ft) maximum tip hook height with jib horizontal
- Variable height lattice mast from 20 m (66 ft) to 38 m (125 ft) with optional mast inserts
- Multiple operational jib configurations
- Optional Ultra View cab or Cab 800
- Optional electronic wind speed meter
- 480v three-phase power hookup
- Wireless radio remote control with indicators

Location: Houston, TX
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