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Used and New Mini Backhoe Loaders For Sale

14 ads of Mini Backhoes

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John Deere 450B

1971 - Used - Condition not indicated - Mini Backhoes

USA - Indiana ( Pennsylvania )


2007 - 3,200 h - Used - good condition - Mini Backhoes

Portugal - Cabeçudos
Hidromek HMK62SS

2016 - 20 h - HMK62SSGE2C000277 - new - Mini Backhoes

Spain - La Robla ( LE - Castilla y León )
JCB 170 (ПОД ЗАКАЗ тел.0506642321)

2007 - Used - very good condition - Mini Backhoes

Ukraine - Черновцы ( Чернівецька область )


2008 - 2,800 h - Used - very good condition - Mini Backhoes

Portugal - Vila Franca das Naves
Kubota R 310 B

2013 - 180 h - 30070 - Used - very good condition - Mini Backhoes

France - Rodez ( 12 - Midi Pyrénées )
Changlin CPCD15N RW32

2012 - 2,003 h - Used - average condition - Mini Backhoes

Russia - Санкт-Петербург ( LEN - Северо-Западный )
Bobcat miniterna mt 20

2005 - 230 h - Used - very good condition - Mini Backhoes

Italy - Forlì ( FC - Emilia-Romagna )


2007 - Used - good condition - Mini Backhoes

Romania - BORS ( Bihor )
JCB 2cx

JCB 2cx

2001 - Used - good condition - Mini Backhoes

Ukraine - Черновцы ( Чернівецька область )

Recherche Mini Tractopelle sur chenille JCB 1CXT... - Mini Backhoes

France - QUIMPER ( 29 - Bretagne )
New Holland E18B

2013 - 136 h - NDLN02873 - Used - good condition - Mini Backhoes

United Kingdom - TUXFORD ( 1NT - East Midlands )


2013 - 1,599 h - Used - very good condition - Mini Backhoes

China - Shanghai ( Shanghai )

1999 - 3,600 h - Used - good condition - Mini Backhoes

Portugal - Alvaiázere

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Mini backhoe loader

Mini Backhoe Loader

A Mini Backhoe is a heavy piece of equipment used for construction for many individual needs, such as grass grasping and grasping for wood. They can be purchased in all shapes, colors and sizes for the individual project, from various suppliers in several countries including China, South Korea, Nigeria, Canada and Portugal. Specifications are important to look for when purchasing including the engine size, the minimum and maximum size of lifting force, bucket size and the length, also when purchasing see if the machine you are buying comes with certification.

The purpose of having a Mini Backhoe is to increase the speed and quality of the work you are doing. There are many manufacturers to choose from and you can purchase this equipment either new or used, from many countries eg: Europe, Asia, CIS, America or via the internet. shows all Mini Backhoes available and extra sub-categories can also be obtained. There are various brands to choose from and varies in price depending on the individual requirement and the work it is being used for, they come with various fixtures one being joy stick controls, also available is the Dongfeng Mini Backhoe for mini tractors. A front end loader is also available with pilot control can also be available.

Mini backhoe loader

Mini backhoe

A Mini Backhoe Loader can also be built which is a project in itself, you will require a lot of skill, and to make one does not come cheap but is great fun, even though it would be cheaper to purchase a second hand model. Parts ready available are pumps, rams, valves, hoses and the engine, but do not forget hydraulics are to be contended with.

There are many manufacturers of mini backhoe such as Kubota, JCB, Case or Ditch Witch