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Used and New Conveyors / feeders For Sale - United Arab Emirates

4 ads of Conveyor / feeder

The classified ad you are looking for no longer exists. However, we can propose ads of possible interest to you.
MFL UR1250x3500FS

1.3 m - 3.5 m - Used - very good condition - Feeder Size: Length-3500mm Wide-1250mm Capacity: 400-600 TPH Power: 2 x 3 Kw E-motor Vibrating Spring Type Spring:12 Nos. Height 280mm Outside Diameter: 132mm Inside Diameter: 88mm Thickness:... - Conveyor / feeder

United Arab Emirates - Dubai
IFE UE 1250x2500 FS

2004 - Used - very good condition - PAN FEEDER MFL UE 1250×2500 FS With 2 x 3 Kw Unbalance vibrating e-motor - 185 kg each. Weight :1430 kg. Maximum Stroke: 10 mm. With 8 Spring. Capacity: 300-350 TPH. This Feeder can be use as a ... - Conveyor / feeder

United Arab Emirates - Dubai
Jöst PF4122

Used - very good condition - Machines Composition: Push Feeder with Chassis Type : PF4112 Power : 15 KW Gear Box Type ... - Conveyor / feeder

United Arab Emirates - Dubai
HTC 1800

Used - very good condition - HYDRAULIC TRUCK CONVEYOR HTC 1800 Model : , Capacity : 200 ton/hr. Hydraulic Truck Conveyor. It is ideal for: Trench Filler, Shouldering Unit, Road Sander and sandbeg Filler Generally it is a versati... - Conveyor / feeder

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

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